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The key wouldn't turn in my mother-in-law's Ford Focus wagon. After doing some research, I found that apparently this is a typical problem in many Ford vehicles, especially the to Focus. I looked around online, and found a few different solutions to the problem.

ford ignition removal tool

One involved tapping the key with a hammer to get it to work, another involved drilling out the old cylinder to install a new one. The biggest problem I found was that each solution was either temporary, expensive, or involved getting a new key.

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This means that you would end up with one key for the doors, and a different one for the ignition - not the solution I wanted. This instructable will show you how I solved the problem. I ended up with a new ignition lock cylinder, but continue to use the original, programmed key. The whole job took me about 4 hours, but I had to figure out how a lock works without much help.

If I were to do it again, it would probably only take 2 hours. The repair involves changing the ignition lock cylinder for a new one, and reprogramming the computer to accept the new keys. Ford has a passive anti-theft system PATS where each key has a chip, and they have to be programmed in. No problem if you've got two functional keys, because you can add new ones, but you have to be able to turn the key in the ignition to do so.

Here's what you need to do the fix: Tools: 10mm wrench 2 Philips head screwdriver T20 Torx screwdriver 8mm socket and driver small screwdriver I used a small torx screwdriver utility knife putty knife small flathead screwdriver small paper-clip clamp or vise vise-grips needle-nose pliers clean, light-coloured work surface Optional: magnifying glass ratchet snap-ring pliers might make the job easier, but I did it without them power drill and grinding bit Materials: replacement lock cylinder comes with 2 chipped keys grease.

A little clicking around revealed some relevant information: a magazine article from detailing how to remove a stuck ignition cylinder, and a service manual describing how to get to the cylinder in the first place. The problem seems to be that the tumblers get stuck, and the key won't turn in the ignition any more. Although I bought mine independently, there is a helpful fellow online who appears to be a good place to get ahold of a replacement.

You're going to be working right near the airbag, and if it goes off and hits you, it could cause serious injury. So disconnect the negative terminal, tuck it down next to the battery so it can't accidentally connect, then leave it.

Now go have a coffee or something. There's a capacitor in most airbag systems that needs a couple minutes to discharge. Better safe than sorry. Okay, these are photos of my Hyundai Accent, not the Focus, but the idea's the same. Here's where the instructions for accessing the cylinder come in handy. You've got to remove the lower dash cover, steering column cover upper and lowerand only then can you get to the ignition lock cylinder.

First, the lower dash panel cover comes off. Undo 4 8mm bolts, and then pull gently to release the clip that fastens the left-hand side. If your model is the wagon as shown herethe lower dash panel will remain attached by the trunk release handle and the OBD2 diagnostic port. You don't need to disconnect these - just let the panel rest on the floor.The ignition switch on a Ford F truck is located on the top of the steering column about halfway down under the dash.

It operates through the use of a rod attached to the ignition tumbler. The rod runs from the tumbler through the steering column cover and has a degree angle at the end. This angle protrudes through the cover facing upwards. The switch is mounted over the rod end, which is inserted into the bottom of the switch.

When the key is turned, the rod moves up or down and operates the switch. Disconnect the negative battery cable, using a socket. Remove the lower steering column shroud, using the Phillips screwdriver. Lower the steering column by removing the three 15 mm nuts in the column support bracket on the instrument panel, using a socket. Pull the electrical plug out of the ignition switch. Remove the two bolts securing the ignition switch to the steering column, using the appropriate socket.

Lift the ignition switch off the column. Install the new switch. The new switch has a pin holding the switch in the proper position to locate over the steering column rod. The ignition key should be turned all the way so the steering wheel locks. Carefully place the ignition switch over the rod end making sure that the rod enters the locking hole in the base of the switch. Install the two bolts, leaving them loose at this point. The rod has a small amount of slack or looseness.

Move the switch up gently as far as it will go, then move it down as far as it will go. Place the switch in the middle of this movement and tighten the bolts. Push the electrical plug into the new switch. Raise the steering column, screw in and tighten the three nuts.Packaged in a custom heavy duty carrying case with vinyl inserts.

The LT includes model no. Includes comprehensive instruction manual and molded case. This kit also includes tools to quickly bypass most auto alarm systems which use tubular lock keys. Carbide tip and machine tool drills included 9 pieces in molded case. Quickly starts most GM vehicles It allows you to move about the vehicle while checking for shorts in the electrical system. You can also disconnect and reconnect power to any circuit while work is being completed in that circuit without leaving the work area.

Have you ever had a blown fuse and wished you had 30 new fuses so you could keep replacing the blown fuse until you fo No damage to vehicle or steering column. Individual Key guides are available No. The No.

Non-stock itemmanufacturer drop ship. Shaft goes all the way into the handle - better leverage; safer to use. Properly heat treated bar - superior strength. Mayhew Dominator R Pry Bar - 60" Comes complete as shown with differing size Lock Pin pairs. Lock Pins slide in a milled slot which are secured in place with an Allen bolt from behind.

This allows for applicability to a wide range of sprocket sizes. Use either end of the tool. Individually carded, 6 cards per box. Your Professional Tools Authority. Will not damage the vehicle or its steering column.

Ignition problems on the Ford f-150 and bypass Pats security system

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ford ignition removal tool

Customers Also Purchased:. Customers Also Shopped For:.The ignition switch on your Ford Ranger comes equipped with special brake-off head screws impossible to remove with a regular screwdriver or similar tool.

ford ignition removal tool

You can remove the screws at home, however, by using a special tool that's readily available at most auto parts stores. Before you begin the job, though, make sure your replacement switch comes equipped with these screws.

Make sure the ignition lock cylinder is in the Lock position and remove the key. Remove the upper extension shroud from the steering column, if your Ranger model comes equipped with a tilt column. Squeeze the upper and lower part of the extension shroud by hand to allow the shroud pop free from the retaining plate on the right side of the shroud. Remove the 2 trim shroud halves from the steering column.

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Unscrew the two mounting bolts using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the two switch mounting bolts. Then use an Ex-3 Easy-out tool to unscrew the two mounting bolts. Disengage the ignition switch from the actuating pin by hand and remove the switch from the steering column.

Engage the new ignition switch on the lock-cylinder actuating pin on the steering column.

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Note that the new switch comes already set in the Run position and it should remain in that position when you install the new mounting bolts. Align the switch mounting holes with the two mounting holes on the mounting base of the lock cylinder housing. Start the two new switch mounting bolts bay hand.

Install the 2 trim shroud halves on the steering column using the Phillips screwdriver. Install the upper extension shroud by hand, if your Ranger comes equipped with a tilt column. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Powerful electric drill on a white background image by terex from Fotolia.

Step 1 Detach the ground black battery cable using a wrench. Step 2 Make sure the ignition lock cylinder is in the Lock position and remove the key. Step 3 Remove the upper extension shroud from the steering column, if your Ranger model comes equipped with a tilt column.

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ford ignition removal tool

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